Score Four Cubs Soar!

Bullpen BrianCorrespondent IMay 22, 2010

If close counted, the Cubs would be in business.

More than half (24) of the team’s 43 games have been decided by two or fewer runs…including Friday’s 2-1 setback at Texas. But in those contests, however, the Cubs are just 8-16.

Chicago’s magic number offensively is four runs, which they hit on the head three times during the recent four-game winning streak.

Score four or more and Chicago is 18-6…but less than four runs and they’re 1-18!… the lone victory coming way back during the season’s opening series at Atlanta.

Forget about the Zambrano situation…forget about the bullpen…forget about almost everything else…the Cubs’ first need is scoring more runs…preferably, four or more.