TNA's first top 10 rankings. Did they get it right?

SlamZillaContributor IMay 22, 2010

This past week on Impact, Eric Bischoff finally announced the top ten rankings for the World Heavyweight Championship.  Now before I list it, and discuss whats right, and what seems to be wrong, it must be noted that Kurt Angle was originally in the top ten.  He was listed as #2, but took himself out so that he could challenge himself by facing every person in the top ten itself.  That being said, here is the current top ten list.  1) Sting  2) A.J. Styles  3) Jeff Hardy  4) Mr Anderson 5) Abyss 6) Desmond Wolfe 7) The Pope 8.) Rob Terry 9) Samoa Joe 10) Kazarian

Now let me start with the positive.  I agree with most of the top five.  With Angle taking himself out of the number 2 spot, everybody moved up one, and Kazarian filled the number 10 position.  I would question ranking Angle at number 2, ahead of the former Champion, A.J. Styles, but that is now a moot point.  On the negative side, I simply can’t understand making Sting the #1 contender.  He has been injured for months now and has done very little since Lockdown.  Now its my understanding that part of the ranking process is your past win/loss records, both with TNA, and with other companies.  That would certainly put The Stinger at the top of just about any list.  But the other side of it, which is the fans voting paints a different picture.  Here we find Jeff Hardy leading the voting board, followed by Desmond Wolfe, and Mr Anderson.    Now I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but it seems like the fans votes may be taken into consideration, but ranking Sting at the top of this list says more about back room politics than giving the fans the kind of main event they want.

     Now for the second half of the top 10.  This part is about as fair as it can be I suppose.  I honestly would have ranked Desmond Wolfe ahead of Abyss for that number 5 spot, but with this whole thing they are doing with Abyss right now, I guess 6th place is good enough.  The Pope being in the number 7 position this soon after main eventing a Pay Per View seems a bit insulting.  But he is also on the injured list, and quite frankly I see him moving up fast.  Rob Terry being at number 8, and being ranked ahead of Samoa Joe is a joke.  The only reason for this is that Terry is the current Global Heavyweight Champion.  Because in no universe that I am aware of would he ever be considered better than Joe.   And Joe being at number 9 is also sad, but he hasn’t been around much lately.  Still, his past record speaks for itself.  I don’t see him staying at the bottom very long.   And speaking of the bottom, that brings us to number 10, Kazarian.  One can only assume that they are planning something big for Kaz, otherwise he would not be on this list at all.  Especially since Matt Morgan is no longer part of the tag team scene.

     So, overall I would give this first top 10.  a B+   Its not perfect, but then again you can never please everybody.  Lets hope that they stick with a fair system, and listen to us fans so that we can get the kind of matches we want, and deserve.