Wayne Rooney and Others See Their Future In Impressive World Cup Advert: Video

Daniel GoochAnalyst IMay 21, 2010

The world's top footballers have come together in an advert for Nike where they have been given the chance to see their possible future.

The advert shows the fame or failure the players may achieve during a fictional football tournament.

The three-minute commercial named 'Write The Future', will be first seen on TV during the Champions League Final. It will be shown live to 32 countries. 

It include players such as Wayne Rooney, Didier Drogba and Cristiano Ronaldo, who has an encounter with ... Homer Simpson.

Rooney is shown living in a caravan after being shown up in a battle against Frank Ribery.

The Vice President of Global Football Marketing at Nike has said about the advert:

"This epic campaign really captures the scale, emotion and impact that one single moment in a football game can have on a player, fan or nation."

One of the stars of the commercial, Cristiano Ronaldo, commented:

"Every touch you have in a game has the ability to change the entire course of not just those 90 minutes but your entire tournament or season."

He added: "One touch of the ball can be an opportunity to leave your mark on the game and write your own future, or equally a moment missed, that creates a legacy for your opponent with their fans."

If you want to see the advert now, click the link below: