Keep Liverpool's Spine, Rafa.. Next Season Is Ours.

Amit RaundalContributor IMay 21, 2010

      I believe that Liverpool has best spine than any premiere league team. We have Pepe Reina, Carragher, Daniel Agger, Mascherano, Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres. If we look at these players they are one of the best players in the league at their respective positions. One more thing all these players are the leaders. Jamie Carragher and Pepe Reina has amazing leadership quality on the pitch. Mascherano is the Argentina's skipper. Torres was Atletico madrid's captain and do I need to say about Steve G?                                                                                                   PEPE REINA - Undoubtedly player of the year and deserved to be golden gloves award. He is very passionate and committed to club. His influence on the pitch is amazing. He is the best asset of Liverpool.                                                              Jamie Carragher And Agger - Their's partnership was remarkable this season. And Agger played at left back this season for some matches and he seemed very comfortable. And he has good quality of coming forward and can help for attacks.            Mascherano - It says that " Manager can sleep well when Mascherano on the pitch." he is the best defensive mid fielder in the world.  Maradona said "He is a monster of a player and destined for great things."I have fear of loosing him this summer. If we are unable to keep him then worries will arises like Xabi Alonso. I don't think anyone can replace Mascherano.                                                                                          Steven Gerrard & Fernando Torres- Steve G Jose Mourinho's favourite player. Every team, every manager, every fan wants them into their team. Whenever they both on the pitch,Liverpool fans never has fear of loosing games. I don't need to say about qualities of the these deadly killers. But Steve G seemed frustrated sometimes this season, might be absence of Torres. They both have unbelievable partnership. If Steve G gets one more partner like Torres then he will be unstoppable..City, Chelsea,Barcelona are on horse to sign Nando and Real Madrid on Steve G. To keep Reds duo this summer with Liverpool is the big challenge for Rafa.                                 Rafa Benitez - Like me many Liverpool supporters believe that he is amazing tactician. Liverpool has beaten Inter Milan, United, Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid at their's home ground under Rafa. Those victories was not fluke. Though we had poor away performance this season. If we want to shine in Europe then i don't think we have any option than Rafa. I agree that he has made mistakes. Many people says that he is very poor at judging talented players and suitable for Liverpool. But he is the one who has spotted quality players Xabi Alonso, Mascherano, Torres, Glen Johnson, Daniel Agger. We have to believe in Rafa, he is the one who can rescue Liverpool.                    No second thought that we need signings. But we need quality signings than quantity. Our problem is at wing positions and we lacked in creative players. We need one quality striker who can fill up the void in absence of Torres. Juan Mata or David Silva will be best additions. But I heard that Rafa is keen on bringing Jesus Navas.  Arda turan can be also good option for back up plans. To whom sign is totally depend on Rafa. Hope so this summer  signings will shine in coming years for Liverpool.                                                                                                                                   Above all we need a new owner, I don't think we need a ultra rich owner like city and  Chelsea, But we definitely need enough worthy owner who understands team and fans demands and should be aware of Liverpool FC culture.                                                So If we able to keep Liverpool's spine and Rafa and can manage 3-4 quality signings then I damn sure glory will be back to Anfield and Liverpool will shine. 
    "We are Liverpool,
     we never die, 
     we will be back next season"