Jonathan Toews gets the big "C" in Chicago. Why?

Rob WebbAnalyst IJuly 20, 2008

Just recently the Chicago Blackhawks named twenty-year old Jonathan Toews their 34th captain in club history. This will make Toews the 3rd youngest NHL player ever to receive the big C. Only Sidney Crosby and Vincent Lecavalier have received there C's younger, both getting it at the age of 19.

To me, this is a bad move. Now don't get me wrong, I like Toews a lot as a player but he just isn't ready for this responsibility.

Now I know people are going to tell me "what about Sidney Crosby?". Well, I don't think he should have it yet either.

A captain to me, is someone who is a great leader on and off the ice and has a great personality in the dressing room. Now I have no doubt in the back of my mind that Toews has these qualities. But here is the last thing I think a true captain should have. Experience.

A captain has a responsibility of helping out the young guys and show them the ropes of the league. How do you expect Toews to do that when he is only 20? He can't, he is missing out on that important feature that I think all captains should have.

The true captain of the team should be Robert Lang or Brian Campbell. Who fill all the needs of a true captain.

But out of respect, I can only congradulate Toews and wish him the best of luck for the upcoming season.