Edge and Orton: Who Is More Apt To Win at OTL?

lee raydeanCorrespondent IApril 8, 2017

Hey WWE Universe! Hope everyone is doing well. I have a question to ask you. In your opinion, do any of you think that the rivalry between Edge and Randy Orton will end up being one of the best in WWE history or close to it?

I love the way WWE made Edge a heel again and Randy a face and then pinned them against each other.

This past week on RAW, Edge had to pick an opponent (poison) for Randy and vise versa. Edge came out to talk smack to the fans. He was interrupted by Christian, who was Edge's opponent.

Christian and Edge Have known each other nearly all their lives. They were good friends and they were tag team partners and they held the belts.

Somewhere along the line, they parted. Christian went to TNA. He did pretty well for himself. Edge was still in WWE. Eventually Christian came back and became ECW champion.

Now in the present, Edge and Christian becoe bitter enemies.  So it was only fair that Randy picked him to fight Edge.

Now here's the twister, and it's good too. After Edge beat Christian, Randy came on the screen and congratulated Edge on his win.

Then he tells Edge that Christian wasn't his opponent and didn't know why he was in the ring to begin with. Orton revealed that his opponent was...drum roll please, The Undertaker. He didn't have to say it was him. His music came on before he could say anything.

The arena went dark and all you could see is fog and the silhouette of the dead man. As he approached the ring, Edge's eyes almost popped out of his head. Taker's appearance was unexpected to say the least.

As you already know, it didn't take more than a mere eight minutes for Taker to dispose of Edge.

Well, now comes Randy's match. His opponent was the heavyweight champ, Jack Swagger. This was going to be wild.

Swagger was showing off his ring experience, which was good but  is psychotic. You never know what he's going to do. That's the great thing about Orton, you just never know.

Swagger and Orton fought tooth and nail. Towards the end of the match Randy had that psychotic crazy look in his eyes and he was twitching and flew on the floor and do what he does best, looking and acting psychopath.

He gave Swagger a head slam from the second rope and the RKO was ready to be launched. Orton tried to get swagger up so he could give him that brutal move but just then Edge ran into the ring and gave Randy the spear.

Edge wasn't impressing anyone. He proved once again that he is the ultimate opportunist. Will Randy let him control the match and take advantage of any little mistake that Randy may make at OTL? Stay tuned to OTL on PPV Sunday Night. See you then.