What a Wunderful Life

Dottie travisCorrespondent IMay 20, 2010

I have sat back and read article after article of people downing-bashing junior saying this that and the other thing. He's Gay-He's a Druggie and Alcoholic etc the stories are endless. Well maybe he is-Maybe he isnt who are we to judge the man. if he is as bad as these articles say he is would his conscience Not be bad. would he NOT try to hide come on now people common sense.

What Drug Addict Or Acoholic cares about other people like he dose, he gave 1 Million Dollars out of his own pocket for VJGC. He is cleaned well groomed show me someone stoned who is well groomed. He granted his 200th wish for the make a wish foundation. and he is helping the homeless if he was as bad as all these articles say he is would he even care.

Maybe i cant be Impartial because i am a big Dale jr. fan and i love him to death but by god i think these articles are pure BS and i am sick of them. No one understand the stress of being in front of the camera. loosing his father in 2001- that accident where he got burned, Leaving DEI his daddys company. and he has held his head high and  not shown any weakness or distain towards anyone who has penned an evil page about him

Sure I will say Junior Likes the Ladies any normal all-american Man single and as good looking as he is why shouldnt he like the ladies. He just dosnt want to get married, there are a lot of men who dont like marriage as well as woman who hate marriage too. i think one day down the road Mrs. right will come and he will sweep her off her feet and that will be it.

I write this for one reason and one reason only junior is my hero-my angel and forever champion and till the world is no more i will protect and defend him from the ugliness that can come from being famous with an even more famous last name (**EARNHARDT**).  He is trying to be a good person with a gentle soul

but if this stuff keeps happening dont expect the niceness to stick around to much would you want to be Nice if people are nasty to you? lets give junior a break

I Love ya junior