Cena Wins Over Sheamus By DQ as Batista Interferes in This Week's RAW

lee raydeanCorrespondent IMay 20, 2010

RAW seems to get better and better every week.

For instance, we saw Randy the "Viper" Orton take on the heavyweight champion, Jack Swagger. That was a match made in Heaven.

That story will be coming up later. I promise it'll be a good one.

Here is another match that drew just as much attention as the one with Randy and Swagger.

The World Heavy Weight Champion John Cena and the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus.

They pulled out all the stops. There wasn't one move in their arsenal that they didn't use.

In my opinion, it was electrifying!

Both superstars were hyped up. The two power houses were trying to out think each other.

They both had the the same idea, tear one another apart.

I have to admit that the fair skinned, red headed Celtic Warrior, is slick and he was eager to get the match started thinking he was going to win.

No way is Cena going to just stand there and not do anything. Sheamus had another thing coming.

Sheamus wants that title so bad he can literally taste it. But there is another superstar that is mean, brutal, and will not give up the thought of getting Cena's title. Doing anything to get it. That man is non other than Batista. He is in this match too, kind of.

Cena and Sheamus beat on each other unmercifully.

Cena tried to use the, "you can't see me move," but Sheamus knew it was coming and kicked him with a big Irish boot in the face.

The champ fell like a ton of bricks.

Sheamus was on Cena like white on rice.

As the story goes, Cena doesn't stay down for long. They put each other in submission moves, in and out of the ring, getting pushed into poles, announcer's table and the metal stairs.

Then the inevitable happens, Cena puts Sheamus in the AA and jumps on him.

As Cena is ready to pin him, he looks up and sees Batista coming into the ring and automatically, there was mayhem.

Not only did Batista wale on Cena but Sheamus joined in.

Batista gave John two slams and then the Batista Bob. Cena was out cold.

Batista was like a penned up animal. Seething and sweating profusely, the Animal put Cena in a brutal and dangerous submission hold.

He was demanding the champ to say, "I quit." Cena says he will never quit and he'll never give up.

Batista had that hold on tight causing an immense amount of pain.

At OTL, Cena has to dig deep down inside and pull out all the stops.

I know Cena won't quit, but in the past, Batista has tapped out after he was put in a submission hold that Cena put him in. What's there to say Batista won't yell, I quit?!!!!