Anderson Silva: Can He Be Stopped?

John McAlpinContributor IJuly 20, 2008

  After dominating the 185 UFC division July 19, Anderson Silva moved up to the 205 light heavyweight division to fight James "Sandman" Irvin. Irvin has had a very impressive run in the UFC with explosive power and a knock out in eight seconds and one in nine.

But Anderson Silva has been called the greatest pound for pound fighter in the world. He made short work of the Sandman and put him away with a 61 second KO in the first round.

This guy is so impressive, I have to give credit where credit is due. Silva seems to have an unbeatable streak in him, at least for right now. The real question is who out there can beat him? GSP? Chuck Liddell? Forrest Griffin? Right now who knows?

  Silva is in a class by himself. He has dominated the 185 division and is trying his hand at the 205'rs now. After his big win over Irvin, he shows he can compete at this level with no problem.

So what's next? Can he be stopped? Only time will tell, one can only be on top for so long before someone knocks them off. But the question is who and when?