NASCAR: Too Many Off-Weeks in the Beginning of the Season

Mike DiMauroSenior Writer IJuly 20, 2008

I feel that it is great to have an off week for the NASCAR Sprint Cup this weekend to let the drivers relax and not have to focus on the Cup series.

I think the break should be moved to the mid- or late August, and not stay at mid-July, because I feel that they should get a break before the Chase begins.

I am glad that NASCAR stopped doing a break after the second race of the season. That was the most annoying thing that they did, because the drivers are getting a start racing in the season and then the break comes and ruins their concentration.

Luckily, that stopped in the 2007 season.

I also feel that they should move that off week from March-April and move it to June, and then move the break that they have in July to August. I am making that suggestion because they do not need two breaks in a period of three to four weeks.

I can understand having a break for Easter, but having another break two or three later? That's crazy!

I hope NASCAR fixes its schedule for 2009 with their off weeks.

Have a fun second half of the season everyone!