Yankees-A's: "Dandy" Andy Pettitte Pushes the Broom!

Robert NelsonCorrespondent IOctober 31, 2016

Yankee fans will get this. It's Sunday morning, the sun is coming up, and your first thoughts of the day turn to baseball.

Pettitte's on the hill at 1 PM. Tampa Bay needs to lose and the Red Sox are on ESPN tonight. That is your battle plan. You must get through the day.

First things first.

Andy locks into a duel that keeps you on edge 'til Frank is singing "New York, New York". Tampa Bay is losing, and you are equally concerned with that game. It's just as important as the work Andy is doing. 

Bang! You get lady luck to swing your way twice. Andy goes eight award-winning innings against the A's, and Mo closes the show 2-1. Tampa Bay can't get anything going late against Toronto. Now, the icing on the cake. The Red Sox get bonked by the Angels. 

Long story short: I got to see Manny strikeout and Pettitte put on a gem. NINE strikeouts and ZERO walks in eight innings. Everyone sing the Jefferson's theme song with me, "WE'RE MOVING ON UP"!

Acknowledge this win, Yankee Nation, and then forget about it. There's lots of baseball left to play. We are being blessed now with pitching effort, but we still need run production.

Still, this was not a bad way to spend a Sunday.