WWE PPV's: Breaking Down The Schedule

Christopher DunfeeContributor IIMay 20, 2010

Dunfee's Dose: WWE PPV's: Breaking Down The Schedule

Many seem to be very opinionated on the state of World Wrestling Entertainment and one hot topic has been their new Pay-Per-View format.

While many remain the same, such as WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, and SummerSlam to name a few, much has changed.

Gone, are some of the old traditions that helped build the foundation of the WWE, such as, King Of The Ring and Survivor Series. In are the new concept PPVs such as Fatal Four Way and Money In The Bank, which will be debut for the first time later on this year.

To be honest, I am against some of what the WWE has done due to being a traditionalist. I enjoy the old school concepts that worked and help lay the groundwork for the future of pro wrestling.

I, however, am not opposed to a change, as long as it is for the good.

Some ideas WWE has thrown out in recent online polls to fans regarding PPV gimmicks sound pretty intriguing, but the ones that where added seem very generic and boring to say the least.

I will attempt to break down the entire WWE schedule in its current format and give you my analysis and opinion as to what I would like to see as a WWE PPV schedule.


January – Royal Rumble

The Royal Rumble is one of the many traditions that is still alive and running through WWE after 20 strong years, while keeping my interest and becoming my favorite current PPV.

The highlight of the Royal Rumble is the main event, the Royal Rumble match itself.

The match is almost always exciting with a ton of intrigue involving 30 superstars featured in an over the top battle royal to crown a No. One contender for a World title of their choosing at the main event of WrestleMania.

A PPV with so many stipulations and interest around must surely stay. The Royal Rumble should be around for at least another 20 years, if not more.


February – No Way Out

WWE, please quit insulting our intelligence as fans. We can figure out the distinction between “Elimination Chamber” and the phrase “No Way Out.”

I am actually a fan of the Elimination Chamber and do no want to do away with it, but the PPV format definitely needs some tweaking.

I believe one of the Elimination Chamber matches should be eliminated altogether from the PPV. Please do not change the landscape of everything so much between the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania. Help give WrestleMania some more intrigue than recent years with longer builds.

Let the Royal Rumble winner pick his opponent, while the other champion on the other brand defends his title at Elimination Chamber. Both World titles do not need to be defended at every PPV, it just isn’t necessary.


March – WrestleMania

WrestleMania has lost a ton of intrigue since I first began following pro wrestling way back in the day.

WrestleMania was the one night where you knew you where going to see a different match you had not witnessed before. Now days, we have to settle for re-hashed feuds and matches we have seen dozens of times in the past.

Definitely keep WrestleMania around, but give me a reason to care about the PPV again, because it definitely has not been there in at least five years.


April – Backlash

With so much fallout from WrestleMania, do we really need a concept PPV to sell? I really don’t believe so.

As long as you haven’t overdone these feuds to death with dozens of matches, people will want to see another performance from the stars, following their marquee WrestleMania matches.

Maybe add some more intrigue in there somewhere, but following WrestleMania, there really isn’t a huge need to make a splash.


May – Extreme Rules

Extreme Rules is a month too early in my opinion, for the reasons I mentioned in my Backlash portion of the column.

I really don’t have many issues with Extreme Rules as a concept PPV because it is something that is simple and really has endless possibilities when it comes to match types from what we have seen over the years.

Not to mention, what better way for a big time WrestleMania feud to come to a conclusion than with each of them beating the hell out of each other in an brutal match?


June – King Of The Ring

Yes, thats right, the rebirth of one of the greatest PPV concepts in WWE history, the King Of The Ring.

Just hearing the name, King Of The Ring, makes it sound interesting.

Whoever in their right mind thinks its a good idea to have a PPV concept in which the main events are Fatal Four Way matches over a PPV so prestigious like KOTR, doesn’t deserve to be running a pro wrestling company.

The King Of The Ring was definitely one of the funnest PPVs for me to watch, especially the early ones, when they did the entire tournament in one night. It definitely gave it a sense of realism and truly showed the endurance of some performers.

Outside of beating “The Game” Triple H at WrestleMania, their really hasn’t been a way to propel yourself to the top more than winning the King Of The Ring.

With the exception of perhaps Billy Gunn, Ken Shamrock, and Mabel; almost every KOTR winner went on to stardom, although Mabel did have a short stint in the main event circuit following his KOTR victory.

Bret “The Hitman” Hart, “The King Of Harts” Owen Hart, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, “The Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle , “The Rated R Superstar” Edge, “The Next Big Thing” Brock Lesnar all went on to an enormous amount of success following their KOTR victories.

Do not forget what winning the KOTR did for “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. It perhaps was one of the biggest turning points in not only WWE history but in the industry of pro wrestling since its birth.


July – Bash At The Beach

This may be the one people are most scratching their head about seeing on the list, but I say why not?

Doing a concept PPV every month is a bit too much but how else can you do something different and unique?

Does it not getting boring watching stuff in the same spot constantly?

A change of scenery and venue is definitely a positive.

Could you imagine the crowd they would gather down in Miami or somewhere if they held an outdoor venue on the beach?

It would be an enormous marketing ploy by Vince McMahon and the WWE. It would give the look of the event a different feel than the same arena lights and crowd we are so used to seeing every show.

Not to mention getting to see all those lovely Divas marketing the product in their bikinis.

Also, the PPV I have this replacing is Money In The Bank, please keep this exclusive to WrestleMania, it is the only reason I have looked forward to Mania in recent years unfortunately.


August – SummerSlam

This is the “Biggest Party Of The Summer” according to WWE, but much like WrestleMania, it has taken a backseat from being considered a big time event with fresh exciting matches to a boring PPV with much of the same stuff we have already seen on too many other occasions.

Slap this bad boy with some exciting title matches featuring up and coming stars battling it out for the Intercontinental and United States Championships as well as a big time main event with a ton of intrigue surrounding it.

Perhaps the old format of the KOTR winner facing a World Champion on either brand. Does Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock come to mind for anyone?

Just please give me a reason to buy this PPV instead of every other throwaway PPV outside of WrestleMania, remember, this is your No. Two PPV of the year for a reason.


September – Night Of Champions

I am always a sucker for a title match, especially a non-World or Divas title match because they have been almost an afterthought in WWE anymore.

If it where up to me, every, if not most titles would be on the line at every PPV but I can live with a PPV like this during the year.

It is a non-boring way of keeping fans interested in a PPV without doing the same old stuff. In my opinion, it is far more thrilling and exciting than seeing a recycled match with different stipulations on the line.


October – Battle Bowl

Many of you are probably thinking, “What the hell is Battle Bowl?”. It is an old WCW concept that WWE was considering bringing back from viewing a recent poll.

The way the PPV concept works is like this.

-Every WWE Superstar is apart of a lottery, which in WCW, was coined “The Lethal Lottery”.

-Through the “Lethal Lottery”, every Superstar is paired with a partner at random.

-The paired up Superstars will battle in a series of tag team matches, and at the end of the night, the remaining tag teams are eligible to be entered in a two ring over the top rope battle royal.

-The winner of the battle royal will go on to earn a future World title shot of his choosing.

There you have the concept of Battle Bowl.

In my world of booking, it would make sense for the winner to get a shot at the belt at Survivor Series. Doesn’t this sound more fun and interesting than recycled matches in an overdrawn feud taking place inside a Hell In A Cell or other gimmick match? I surely think so.


October – Cyber Sunday

Even though Cyber Sunday had little success with the PPV buys, I definitely thought their was always something different and unique about it.

The concept of the fans getting to choose what they want to see always seems like a good idea in my book, because at the end of the day, they are the ones paying for it.

Maybe give the fans some better options to vote for and more creat some more buzz surrounding the results of the fan voting. Sometimes you give the fans a lose-lose situation with some of the voting options.

Certainly more interesting in my book than a lot of other things WWE has done in the past, most specifically, the horror known as Breaking Point.


November – Survivor Series

I don’t even know what WWE is choosing to replace this with, but it better be damn good.

I loved the Survivor Series, when it was done correctly that is. The first 10 or so years of the concept where done marvelous.

The concept of the teams being put together by team captains to battle each other elimination style was always fun for me to watch.

The Survivor Series the past ten years has been another story. To me, it had become nothing more another PPV with the old tired booking, particularly in the main event, while making the elimination team style matches an afterthought.

It helped younger guys on the card get over teaming with main event caliber stars while allowing them to get exposure on the top of the card without having to “throw them out to the wolfs” in a singles contest. It could help them get more accustomed to being in the spotlight on a big stage.

Also, to add some more spice and intrigue to it, it would make sense like I mentioned to have the Battle Bowl winner go on to face the World Champion for the title in the main event.

It would also be exciting to see the top team match on the card be contested under War Games.

War Games is yet another concept WCW did back in the day that worked tremendously.

It was a two ring, cage match, where members of opposing teams where allowed to enter the cage every so often, depending on the time intervals.

War Games used to be a huge deal in late NWA, early WCW says and would be just as exciting in today’s WWE. The format of War Games couldn’t be a more perfect addition to the Survivor Series.

WWE Owner Vince McMahon declared the Survivor Series “a concept that isn’t working anymore”.

No kidding Vinnie Mac? I wonder why? Would it have something to do with getting away from the original concept and the lack of creative to come up with anything good? I think that’s it.


December – Bragging Rights

I know a lot of people where not high on Bragging Rights last year, and I was one of them. Having an elimination team match between the two brands, the month before the Survivor Series, was more than idiotic attempt to me.

If done correctly, Bragging Rights could be a decent PPV where we get new exciting match ups between people on different brands that we have yet to see.

December is usually a throwaway PPV anyway but there is no reason, something like Bragging Rights can’t have moderate success if done correctly.

If it where up to me, I would decrease the number of PPVs, give more time to building feuds and actually making people care who wins.

Does it really matter who wins these matches when they fight over a dozen times a year between weekly shows and PPVs? I know I don’t care as much.

At the end of the day though, WWE creative needs to improve and this wouldn’t be considered a topic for debate.

I hope you got your fix, until next time…..

Adrenaline Rush:  What ideas do any of you have for a concept PPV?

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