Will WWE's Over the Limit PPV Be the Best One of 2010?

Travis SmithAnalyst IIMay 20, 2010

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WWE offers the fans thirteen to fifteen Pay Per View event's in a year, some of them are good and some of them can just be brutal to watch. Overall Pay Per View's usually seem to be hit or miss except the big main stay events like SummerSlam, Royal Rumble, and WrestleMania. This Sunday the WWE will be hosting the Pay Per View called Over The Limit in Detroit Michigan. A lot of people have said that PPV events are not as good as they used to be but this Pay Per View has a lot of potential to not only be great, but it could end being the best one in 2010.

Over the Limit may not have a gimmick behind it to people but there is a gimmick in this Pay Per View and it's major feuds coming to a head, its something that excites wrestling fans and it's good for the WWE to try this idea out. Look at each match, the match up's have a lot of bad blood between the participants and it is a fact that you're going to see the finale for some of these great rivalries but it's going to be fun to watch these bouts.

Look at the card the WWE has given us for this Pay Per View event this Sunday.

R-Truth vs. Ted Dibiase

Diva's Title Match: Champion Eve vs. Maryse

Unified Tag Team Title Match: Champions Hart Dynasty vs. Jericho and The Miz

Randy Orton vs. Edge

S.E.S Pledge vs. Hair Match: Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk

IC Title Match: Champion Drew McIntrye vs. Kofi Kingston

World Heavyweight Title Match: Champion Jack Swagger vs. The Big Show

WWE Title "I Quit" Match: Champion John Cena vs. Batista


Overall when you look at the card for this Sunday, you will see that every match has a little bit of a backstory, but also I cannot see one bad match on the card. Each matchup can be very exciting and compelling to the WWE Universe and that is why I think you will see that this will be the best PPV event in all of wrestling for 2010.


Tell me what you the wrestling community thinks below and please make your opinion heard no matter what it is.



Travis's Match Predictions: 

1. Ted Dibiase wins.

2. Maryse wins the Diva's Title back.

3. The Hart Dynasty Retains in a classic tag team match.

4. Edge wins in the match of the night (Watch their 2004 Vengeance Match to see how good this bout could end up being).

5. CM Punk wins because Rey Mysterio needs knee surgery so its a good way to write him off television for a while.

6. Kofi Kingston wins by DQ.

7. Jack Swagger wins by cheating to retain the title in a snoozer of a World Title Match.

8. John Cena retains the WWE Title in a barbaric but yet epic I Quit Match ( If this match is as good as the Last Man Standing match was at Extreme Rules then it will be a classic for sure).