Argentina Manager Diego Maradona Runs Over Journo & Calls Him an ***hole

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Argentina Manager Diego Maradona Runs Over Journo & Calls Him an ***hole
Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

The Argentinian Manager, Diego Maradona literally added insult to injury when he ran over a journalist, and then stopped to call him an "Asshole".

He was on his way to announce his World Cup squad driving a Mini when the incident occurred.

According to witnesses (mostly those trustworthy people—journalists,), Maradona’s car rolled over the lower part of the cameraman's leg.

Rather than seeing if the man was alright, he stopped and shouted out of the car:

“What an Asshole you are!”

“How can you put your leg there where it can get run over, mean?”

Paramedics were at the scene quickly to attend to the cameraman, who was later taken to hospital for further treatment.

Maradona has had the best relationship with the press in the past. He once fired shots from an air-rifle into the air to clear members of the Argentinian media from outside his home.

Recently John Terry accidentally ran over a steward while driving away from a match. At least he had the decency to stop and see if the man was OK, and apologize.


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