Bellator XIX Weigh-In Results: As Ryan Thomas and Ben Askren Keep Talking

Ken FossAnalyst IMay 20, 2010

The war of words continues. Tournament semifinalist and ash-cloud lottery winner Ryan Thomas shot back at disparaging comments made Monday by his opponent, Ben Askren, calling the former U.S. Olympian a “coward” who “needs to keep his mouth shut before I shut it for him.”

With all this love in the air, the 16 fighters hit the scales at the Verizon Theater in Dallas.

The weigh-in results are as follows:


Diego Saraiva (145.8 lbs.) versus Joe Soto (145.8 lbs) – 145 lbs.

Ryan Thomas (170.6 lbs.) versus Ben Askren (170.4 lbs) – 170 lbs.

Steve Carl (170.6 lbs.) versus Dan Hornbuckle (170 lbs.) – 170 lbs.

Ty Lee (256.8 lbs.) versus Scott Barrett (262.8 lbs.) – 265 lbs.



Daniel Pineda (144.8 lbs.) versus Chas Skelly (145.2) – 145 lbs.

Brandon McDowell (169 lbs.) versus Joe Christopher (170.6) – 170 lbs.

Jared Lopez (135.2 lbs.) versus Johnny Bedford (135.6 lbs.) – at 135 lbs.

Donyiell Winrow (185 lbs.) versus Josh Smith (185.2 lbs.) – at 185 lbs.

Aaron Wise (136 lbs.) versus Douglas Frey (135.8 lbs.) – at 135 lbs.