Ozzie Guillen, White Sox Coaches Make Terrible Decisions in the Eighth

D.A.Senior Writer IJuly 20, 2008

There were two decisions made today that just boggled the mind:


Top of the Eighth

There were two outs and Ozzie Guillen took out Octavio Dotel for Matt Thorton. This was a terrible decision. Thorton has an 8.44 ERA with runners in scoring position and two outs. He walked Ross Gload and gave up the game-winning double to Esteban German.

Dotel has been performing really well in the last 10 games with the following stats: 7.2 IP, three hits, one ER, two BB, and 10 K. After he walked Gload, Guillen should have taken out Thorton. Thorton is not good against right-handed batters. Seventeen of the 26 hits he's given up are against right handers.


Bottom of the Eighth

The White Sox needed one run to tie. AJ Pierzynski hit a one out double and Carlos Quentin walked. Then, Brian Anderson hit a hard single to Jose Guillen. Jeff Cox sent AJ Pierzysnki home.

Now, AJ is not the fastest runner, and Guillen has one of the best arms in the game. That was a terrible decision.

If they were to hold AJ, then Thome would have struck out (like he did) and Paul Konerko would be up. Ron Mahay is nowhere near as good against right handers as he is against left handers.

Seriously, the White Sox played the Royals today, and the coaching was just terrible. The White Sox need to beat teams like the Royals if they're to stop atop the AL Central, especially with the surging Twins and creeping Tigers.