Blitz: The End Of an Era

Avry Lewis-McDougallContributor IMay 19, 2010


Blitz:The end of an era


I consider myself to be a gamer, but I usually play only Sports games or games like Daxter, Destroy all Humans or Ratchet and Clank games, but one game that truly was insane but yet pleasing was NFL Blitz. I still own one of the original copies of NFL Blitz when it came out in 1998 for the PlayStation 1, that game changed football gaming forever. The game showed me that average QB's can all of a sudden throw 90 yard bombs such as Charlie Batch with the Lions throwing bombs to Barry Sanders who was able to get out of the backfield and into the end zone in 2.5 seconds thanks to the Turbo button. I fell in love with see my QB or receiver on fire after 3 straight completed passes and the "automatic" extra point option that was in the play selection screen which sometimes kicked you in the nuts by having you miss the extra point.


Now that Midway's remaining assets are going to be liquidated in court on Friday, the Blitz series in a whole, NFL and the NFLless sequels known as Blitz the League and Blitz the League II will fall into gaming history. It's a shame, even thought I didnt like Blitz the League for its warping of football even by my standards with the ability to break an opponants neck or tear his scrotum open with a hard tackle it was the last of the football games that gave Madden a run for its money. Hopefully Backbreaker, doesnt turn out to be a big bust becuase from what I've seen it has the ability to take football gaming to where it has never gone before.


Goodbye Midway and Blitz, you guys showed me that Arcade football games can be just as fun as simulation games like Madden and NFL Gameday, you also showed me the fun in having to get 30 yards for a first down and how you can destroy your buddies in a game thanks to no pass interference.


Thanks for the memories Blitz, and say hi to NBA Hangtime, NHL Open Ice 2 on 2 hockey and MLB Slugfest for me in Video game heaven.


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