Five Backup Quarterbacks Who Did the Least To Earn Rings since 1990

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Five Backup Quarterbacks Who Did the Least To Earn Rings since 1990

It's been said a lot, especially in this tough economic time.

"The more you work, the less you get paid, while the less you work, the more you make."

Coming from a news photographer background, this is often true. While under-paid reporters, photographers, and production people are busy running and gunning, the six-figure anchor is off quaffing his or her hair and putting on his or her makeup.

I am sure there are examples of this everywhere. There is a CEO sitting on his butt making millions, who has no idea how his company works. This was proven by that CBS show Undercover Boss a few months ago.

Even in sports, there are people who do very little. But they still get that championship ring, although they don't make as much—and I am sure they are living on food stamps.

So, I got to thinking about backup quarterbacks the last 20 years who have hardly done anything, yet they still have a ring or two.

Many of them were—or still are—career backups, perfectly carrying a clipboard and earning a paycheck to warm up each week.

Many of them are also guys who would never see the light of day, because they played behind a Hall of Famer.

Can you guess who they are?

If you can name Brett Favre's backup on the '96 team, then hang on and see if you can pick the other four that I have proclaimed the best do-little QBs of the past two decades.

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