World Cup: Ban on Fans Wearing Three Lions Top in English Pubs Is Pure Stupidity

Daniel GoochAnalyst IMay 19, 2010

England fans could be BANNED from pubs screening live World Cup matches if they wear the England Three Lions top.

Killjoy cops have told pub landlords to ban anyone wearing a Three Lions top.

They don't want a repeat of the violence which has marred previous events, especially if England loses.

One patriotic fan said on behalf of the nation, "We often hear of a loss of pride in Britain, now cops want to ban the England shirt.

"It's like saying anyone who wears one is a yob."

The Metropolitan Police wrote letters to pubs saying:

Among World Cup guidance, it suggests "dress code restrictions—eg no football shirts."

It also urges pubs to use plastic glasses so patrons don't smash them and use door staff like you see at a nightclub.

Pubs are not obliged to follow all of the "saftey" advice, but it warns:

"Police will not hesitate to use powers under the Licensing Act should we find you are not actively supporting the prevention of crime."


Not all football fans who wear an England top are going to get into a fight or smash a glass.

The police are going too far.

It's just a football tournament. If England wins, everyone will be happy and the day will go well. If England loses, everyone will be sad and the day will still go well.

Get the pole out of you arse, Met Police, and let us have some fun!