Fury at Manchester United as Glazer's Debt Rises Another £75 Million

Daniel GoochAnalyst IMay 19, 2010

Manchester United fans have reacted furiously as they hear the club could face an extra £75 million debt from the Glazer family.

The owners of the club, the Glazer family have been accused of wasting tens of millions of pounds more than they have as the fans learned that the club will be facing a crippling interest rate rise on their £720m debt in August.

"That is the problem with the Glazers," Duncan Drasdo, head of the Manchester United Supporters' Trust, said. "They have wasted every single penny supporters have paid for tickets over the entire five years of their ownership. Every single penny of our money which we paid to our club."

Every Man United fan is in joint hatred against the Glazer family. The Americans bought the football giants and immediately got them into hundreds of millions of pounds in debt.

The fans' green and gold protest has been heard all across the football community. Even David Beckham looked like he supported the cause when he returned to Old Trafford and put on a green and gold scarf.

Surely cutting the wages of the staff at the club would be a start to lowering the debt. United's accounts show that last year chief executive David Gill was paid £1.8million.

The Debt is going to go up and up until something is done, like another take over—COME ON RED KNIGHTS!