NBA Fans Wake-Up Call: Playoffs Better than Draft Lottery

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NBA Fans Wake-Up Call: Playoffs Better than Draft Lottery
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It's funny how everyone in Washington, DC is extremely ecstatic now that the Wizards have the No. 1 pick in June's NBA Draft.

As a Nets fan, I am royally peeved at my team's No. 3 selection.

But as we all sit here debating the draft (with many becoming obsessive-compulsive), let's take a step back and realize one fact: all the teams we are obsessing over stink.

My Nets had 12 wins. The T-Wolves didn't do much better. And the Wizards are still overcoming their disastrous state. 

The fact of the matter? It takes time to reach the top.

The No. 1 pick will not solve a team's worries; and the prized pick is only shiny and new for one season. 

Even LeBron James couldn't make the Cavs a competitive team until his third year in the NBA.

And John Wall—who everyone believes will be the No. 1 pick—is no LeBron.

Neither is Evan Turner.

The teams that will end up better? The ones with a supporting cast.

The Wizards have a decent team, but they also have issues to deal with. 

The Nets—regardless of their No. 3 pick—can nab a decent player to join a solid core of Devin Harris, Brook Lopez...and maybe even LeBron.

But none of them are Michael Jordan. And MJ really didn't cause a stir his first few years as a pro. 

So before fans start jumping off the walls with their top picks, stop for a second and watch the NBA Playoffs. Because postseason play is where you want to be.

Not the NBA Draft Lottery.

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