Is TNA Equal To WWE or Below It?

Travis SmithAnalyst IIMay 19, 2010

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Pro wrestling is going through some tough times right now with its popularity due to other entertainment organizations taking the spotlight and other factors that pro wrestling has had to deal with in the last three years after the Benoit murders.

With all of that being said, WWE seems to still be miles ahead of TNA ratings wise but overall the question has to be asked, is TNA equal to the WWE in other aspects or are they below them?

Well I know that when I compare the WWE to TNA, I see some major diffrences in their rosters, creative writers, and other factors, but let's focus on three main aspects and then compare and contrast them with the two big companies.

The first aspect that I look at is the roster and well the WWE has a lot of up and comers in their locker room with guys like Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre), and others, plus WWE still has it mainstay names and veterans on the roster like Undertaker, Triple H, John Cena, and so on.

TNA really doesn't have any up and coming talent on the roster except two names, Matt Morgan and Desmond Wolfe. Everyone else on that roster with the exception of a few have been cast off's from the WWE and well that hurts the product for TNA when you cannot create stars.

I know they have revived the careers of "The Pope" (or in WWE as Elijah Burke), Mr. Anderson, and yes even Matt Morgan but overall TNA doesn't make the stars, the WWE does and then TNA steals em when it comes to negotiating a contract.

WCW made the same mistakes back in the 1990's with it's roster I mean they only made one star from the ground up and his name was Bill Goldberg.

Look where WCW is at now, if TNA cannot figure out a way to create young stars from their own company then they will end up falling due to the same guys being on the TV tapings week in and week out.

The second aspect to look at is the storylines, the WWE has really dropped a lot with their storylines since 2008 but they still have pretty darn good storylines (Example: HBK vs. Taker 2009, Orton vs. Cena 2009, and even Cena vs. Batista 2010).

TNA really struggles to have believeable storylines and it is a shame because they have a roster full of vets that can truly help the company out with meaningful storylines and fueds.

An example of TNA dropping the ball was with The Pope vs. AJ Styles at Lockdown this year, that match was for the World Title but yet TNA really didn't build on the hype so much, and it was easily forgotten behind Hogan vs. Flair or Anderson vs. Angle at the same event.

WWE never really drops the ball with it's storylines and they always have the universe intrigued with some of the feuds. Overall TNA has a lot of work to do if they want to start having quality feuds month in and month out.

The last aspect is fan participation. TNA has really stepped up on this area by having the fan's choose the number one contenders online and such. TNA also has Dixie Carter really interact with the fans and lisen to what they want and need.

The WWE, however, hasn't done that since 2008 when they went to PG and geared towards the younger fans.

The WWE honestly needs to start listening to the fans again like they once did so that they can gain that popularity back. TNA is doing very well in this aspect and this eventually will bring in new fans and open up oppertunities with the media in the future.

So overall, TNA is still behind the WWE but I believe that they will start to catch up with them and really make a run at the wrestling war.

I think TNA can improve on a lot of things but one of the main things they could work on is their creative writers, look Vince McMahon made the WWE a powerhouse because he and his staff really worked hard on the promos and really are geared towards making storylines meaningful.

TNA just still feels out of place with promos and stuff like that so maybe they can hire some new writers to help out and really make a go at it.

I think the perfect staff with equal power and a vote on which storylines should go or not would be Hulk Hogan, Paul Heyman, Bruce Prichard, and maybe even let Jeff Jarrett get some pull in this because he really did a lot for TNA in the beginning and they had some great feuds in the beginning.

I hope TNA maybe tries some of these ideas because it would be beneficial to the company and plus it could put them on the map in mainstream society.


If you have any comments on this matter, feel free to place them below and be blunt with your opinion no matter what it is.