Reasons Why Dixie Carter Should Run TNA Wrestling

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIMay 19, 2010

I was on an online radio show which is centered around pro-wrestling, called "Ray and Jason Overnight Show" . Click on the link to hear my take on the questions that they asked

During the show we discussed the IWC, which I am proudly a part of, and it's effect on wrestling promotions. And that made me wonder about things.

I started pondering, why is it that TNA Wrestling started to get so freakin' awesome when Dixie Carter took over at the end of 2009, yet almost immediately starting sucking when Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff came in?

I spoke with Jeffery, that's what I call myself. It's just easier than saying Joe over and over again, it's just confusing. Don't judge me.

But when I was talking back and forth with Jeffery, we had this idea.

If fans liked TNA toward the end of the year when Carter was in charge, then why did she give up the power and give it to people who ran another company into the ground? In fact, they're more in it to feed their own ego and make money for themselves and their "friends" rather than make something that could be wonderful to watch.

The TNA of late last year was a TNA people could believe in, one that in two years time could be good enough to compete with the WWE. But Hogan/Bischoff thought just because they came in that they could take down the entertainment giant that is the WWE.

The issue is that on Thursday they can't even get a 2.0, yet suddenly they think they can go up against RAW and sort of survive when RAW is an easy 3.0 average every night kinda show? Stupid at best.

Then they give jobs to any and all crappy old vets they can think of, which takes away a slot for younger stars in TNA who have been there all along.

I know why Carter stepped back though, she knows that her knowledge of wrestling is not as high as Hogan's or Bischoff's. But she did something I guess some would call weird. She listened to the fans!

I know, what a stupid thing to do. I mean, why listen to what the fans want? It's not like they control your company's existence or anything.

Carter did what fans wanted, she let the vets go out there and work with the young stars but made people like AJ Styles, Matt Morgan, and Hernandez as well as other young names, the focus of the show.

Carter let Hogan/Bischoff runs things instead, because she thought that's what the fans wanted.

She read the stuff on the Internet and realized if she wanted to have a good product, then she should push to get some of the ideas of the IWC out there. Vince Russo then got the word to do something, and came up with some ideas.

The problem is that Hogan and Bischoff are not as open. They think that what they want to do is what people want to see, but at the end of the day, it's not.

If they'd just look at what we as fans want to see, and then apply it along with adding their own things in as well, we could have a great program.

When Hogan took the six-sided ring away from TNA, something almost every fan hated, he told them to get over it, he wanted it gone so it's gone. Then he takes away possibilities for a ton of high spots outside the ring with the long ECW like ramp.

Fans hated it, yet Hogan loved it, so it stayed.

Is that right though? If fans want one thing and you give them another, are you really doing what's right for the business?


Carter listens to fans and gives them what they want, yet Hogan/Bischoff are failing to do so.

Which one would you want more, one that gives you what you want or the one that does as they wish?

I take the one that gives me what I want. But hey guys and gals, Jeffery and I are just saying.