What If....Terrell Owens Became an Oakland Raider in 2010 ?

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIMay 19, 2010

TORONTO - DECEMBER 3: Terrell Owens #81 of the Buffalo Bills lines up on offense against the New York Jets at Rogers Centre on December 3, 2009 in Toronto, Canada.  (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)
Rick Stewart/Getty Images

 Tom Cable told the press yesterday that the Raider Organization was not interested in Terrell Owens. Primarily because the Oakland Raiders have enough talent with WR's Louis Murphy, Chaz Schilenz and Johnnie Lee Higgins. These receivers made some great plays last season and showed that although the QB position was in question there was talent.

  The question remains, what if the Oakland Raiders were to bring in the much publicized Terrell Owens? Could T.O become an asset to the young recievers and maybe even offer wise words from the veteran? I believe that he could and here are a few reasons.

  The first is that he is a seasoned veteran. Terrell Owens has played in the NFL for 15 years and in that time he has over 1000 receptions with 14000 plus yards. He avgs. at least 15 yds. a catch and has 144 TDs under his belt. Nine of his 15 years have resulted in 1000 yd seasons. How long has it been since the Raiders had a 1000 yd receiver? Tim Brown?

  The second is reason is presence. Terrell is an athlete and his presence on the field requires that he be covered. I have to admit that when T.O runs his routes he completes them and runs pretty solid. There is also the fact that he has great hands. Yeah he has dropped some but there isn't a receiver out there that hasn't i.e Darrius Heyward Bey. DHB could actually learn a thing or two from Owens.

  Next is just his name "T.O". I have been a fan of the Raiders since birth and I know that many of the older generation remembers that Al Davis gets players that the NFL thought was washed up. Anyone remember Lyle Alzado, Raymond Chester, Jim Plunkett, Rich Gannon or even Jerry Rice?

  I believe that Terrell Owens would try to go out as a winner. During his brief time with the Bills he didn't complain much. I prefer that in a player. I remember him saying on ESPN that "It is what it is" when asked about the lack of balls thrown his way.

  The Oakland Raiders need ball hungry recievers and cornerbacks. Actually the whole damn team. Darrius Heyward Bey is still green and Murphy is simply a star. Using Terrell Owens on the field would definitely be plus  for these receivers as they would learn from his experiences ad just the fact that he would create holes on the field and even make it possible for a greater running attack.

  Simply put, if you let Terrell Owens take off down field and he gets open, chances are he is going to score. Isn't that what we want in Oakland? I wouldn't want to see Terrell come in and merely collect a check like the stomach churning Javon walker. However I don't feel that Terrell's ethics are the same.

  I also considered the fact that maybe he could be used as a CB. At 6'3" and 224 lbs Terrell would be a great CB. He knows how to read QBs and has the speed and height to disrupt. Terrell as a CB would also offer a new challenge for him and would also put him in the Deion Sanders category. Can you imagine that, Terrell Owens opposite Nnamndi Asomugha? Yeah I want to be at those games, could be interesting. If it did not work out then so be it. I highly doubt T.O. would play CB but just for fun could be interesting.

 These are just a few things to consider. I know that Tom "Cableman" said the Raiders are not interested, but I just have wonder what Al Davis is thinking. No one knows what is ticking in the mind of Mr. Davis and I wouldn't be surprised if we did get Terrell Owens.