Randy Orton : A Star In The Wrong Era ?

SimzyContributor IMay 19, 2010

    Hello everyone as a regular reader of bleacher report I’ve read lots of peoples views on the current pg era of wrestling and how it is affecting the way the wrestlers are made to suit the audience.
    Take the good old days of the attitude era for example there was sex, blood and swearing, we were subjected to a medley of chaos where wrestlers were running riot and doing what the hell they wanted.
    These days of chaos brought us the greatest wrestlers of all time like the rock, stone cold, hhh and so on.
    Which brings me to my point, Randy Orton one of today's biggest stars has made a name for himself as the unpredictable viper, a man with no remorse or feeling towards anyone but himself BUT...... is he really getting the respect he deserves for what he does in the pg era of today.
    It really gets to me when wrestlers like John Cena, a man who yes is a company man but could never really match up to orton in terms of wrestling ability gets all the spotlight, all the titles and all the glory as the "face" of the WWE.
    Would Randy Orton have been better off in the attitude era? I feel that he would have been because what he brings to the table is an unpredictability like no other, he can work a crowd to perfection and get a pop without using any conventional baby face actions.
    Randy as he is now in the attitude era would have been phenomenal as he would have been able to really do and say exactly what he wanted, just think of the storylines you could of had him in with the rock or stone cold with no pg rating, the viper would have in my opinion been much better suited to this chaotic environment.
    I feel that in this era Orton is second to Cena which is just not right, the young viewers of today do not really understand that Orton is one of a kind and anyone can be shaped in to John Cena because, John is a hard worker but he just isn’t great quite frankly but he is put over to the kids as a superhero who never gives up.
    I hope in time the WWE stop with their constant unrelenting push of John cena and really get behind Orton and let him really be what he is, the apex predator of the WWE.
    Do you think the viper is being over shadowed by John Cenas unlimited push?