76ers Get Second Pick In 2010: Heat Should Give Them a Call... ASAP!!!

Bhemis ParksAnalyst IMay 19, 2010

The 76ers just got lucky in the 2010 NBA Lottery... they moved from 6th, all the way up to 2nd. Now Heat fans are probably wondering why is that a concern of Miami, they're no way possible the 76ers would package that pick to Miami. Of course they wouldn't. But my eye isn't on the 2nd overall pick... it's on a NBA All-Star. One Andre Iguodala, the 26 year old high flyer.


With Wade being the main target of the 2010 free agency. It makes no sense to pair him with another alpha male, LeBron James namely. Wade has already proven he can get the job done. The idle situation would and should be, surrounding him with good enough players that are use to and can play secondary roles. As far as free agents go, Joe Johnson might be the best option. But why spend 15+ million on him, when an equally player is already inked to a deal and is simply waiting on the right team to make the call. This is what GM's getted paid to do, find the best deal. And make no mistake, Andre Iguodala is the best deal. He and Wade can form a smaller version of, dare I say it, JORDANand PIPPEN.


The 76ers are pretty high on the young point guards they have, Jrue Holiday and Louis Williams. They are stuck with the Elton Brand contract and have a young stud in Marreese Speights playing behind him. Another young stud, Thaddeus Young, plays the same position as Igoudala and is cheaper as far as cap goes(10 million cheaper). Dalembert is signed for one more season at center. The only position that has any real hole, is the shooting guard position.
This is where the 2nd overall pick comes into play. The 76ers are gonna take EVAN TURNER, of Ohio State. He's the logical pick after John Wall goes number 1.The kid has a similar skill set as Igoudala and honestly has a higher ceiling. The 76ers wouldn't do the pick any justice if they kept he and Igoudala together. A deal must be done.
The 76ers have about 8 million in cap coming off the books this off-season(could be as much as 13 million, if Kapono opps out his deal). Now add the 12+ million they would acquire by trading Igoudala and you see why it makes sense to move him. That's 20+ million in cap space... more than enough to make some nice moves this off-season or next.


Nothing more than a phone call and offering a 1st round draft pick... either the 18th pick from this season or the one from next season. Heck, the Heat could even sweeten the deal by offering Cook in the deal, being that Willie Green is a free agent and that the 76ers have no other player on it's current roster that can play the SG position at a high level.
The Heat in return, would get a All-Star player to put alongside Wade and Beasley and still have a ton of cash to go after another skilled player... hopefully a point guard. And even then, the Heat would still have 10 to 14 Million to play fill out the rest of the roster.
So while others dream of BIG NAMES, Pat Riley simply needs to broaden his creative thinking. Here's to hoping someone in the Heat front office is reading this.