Jenrry Mejia's Days Could Be Numbered

Michael GanciCorrespondent IMay 17, 2010
Mejia has been impressive at times. (PHOTO BY ICON SMI)

Mejia has been impressive at times. (PHOTO BY ICON SMI)


Recently, we have seen Jenrry Mejia come back to life. He had been hit a little bit, and it is becoming quite apparent that the way he can help the Mets most is by going to the minors to develop as a starter, and that is exactly what I expect him to do when R.A. Dickey gets called up to make his start on Wednesday.

I know it had been nice to get a glimpse of the future with Ike Davis and Jenrry Mejia coming up to the big club this year, but only one of them belongs right now, and it certainly is not Jenrry Mejia.

I think there is still time to right this kid. He is a good reliever, but he has such a higher ceiling as a starter. And since he is still so young, there is no reason for him to stay up on the big club right now.

He could also use some seasoning. His secondary pitches have had good glimpses, but he certainly doesn’t have command of them, so he should continue to let them develop at Triple-A or wherever the Mets decide to send him.

This guy has the potential to be dominant, but the Mets have always found a way to screw these kind of people up. Right now, the Mets need a solid veteran presence to step up. I am not saying R.A. Dickey is that guy, but they will be getting Ryota Igarashi back soon, and that could be a huge bolster to the bullpen.

Where do you think Mejia should go?