Why Do People Care So Much About Tim Tebow, Anyway?

Do BerryContributor IMay 18, 2010


Photographers and videographers track every move, hoping to get the perfect shot. Stories are written almost daily, just to keep the people informed. Media entertainment debates constantly about the pros and cons. And there's even a television show.

The person I just described is actually Kim Kardashian , but if you didn't know any better, you probably wouldn't have been shocked if it was Denver's new quarterback, Tim Tebow (although the television show probably raised a few eyebrows).


The fact is, people have become obsessed with the ex—Florida Gator gunslinger. It's no surprise that his NFL rookie jersey sales have been the highest in history, far surpassing the previous record held by former USC star QB turned New York Jet, Mark Sanchez .


Yet, the Broncos' fourth—string quarterback has seen attention on every sports website, every talk show, and every newspaper imaginable. His throwing motion has been diagnosed by anyone ranging from the elite scouts of the NFL, to your know—nothing neighbor.


The question is, why?


Buzz about a player happens all the time; fans get excited about a new draft pick, experts debate their potential as a starter, and everyone begins to wonder what the future may hold.


But it's never like this.


Many people have Tebow decorated as the greatest college football player the game has ever seen, and former Super Bowl—winning head coach Tony Dungy believes he was worthy of a top 10 pick.


Then there are people who believe his best position in the NFL is at fullback.


Very rarely does a player hit two extremes the way Tebow has. Oftentimes, we can gauge the ceiling or the floor of a player , predicting just how good or bad they will be. But Tebow seems to elude that consensus and it's not even close.


The questions surrounding him are far too great to be answered without game experience, or years of experience. This riddle simply cannot be solved for at least another half—decade.


Which brings us back to our original question: Why do we care?


What's the use in talking about a player that will hardly see the field in his first couple seasons and who will have to deal with enormous growing pains in the next three?


The cynical fan will tell you they'd love nothing more than to see the giant fall. For the man to have everything go right in college, and for him to do right off the field, for him to collapse under the pressure of the NFL and fail, would be the epitome of this twisted fairy tale. All his successes leading up to this moment would crash down in his attempt to build his legacy at the professional level.


Others are intrigued because Tebow has the weight of the world on his shoulders, and there's no other person on this earth that seems to be able to carry the load. Despite all the critics, all the negative—evaluation, he continues to improve and succeed, defying all the odds.


His track record shows that he is capable of leading a team , and most importantly, Tebow has a work ethic unlike any other. He would kill himself to prove people wrong.


So why do people care about him?


Well, after this discussion, the answer is pretty simple. Most fans love the underdog and hate the winner, which is why people are so interested in Tebow.


He's both.