Brewers Trade For Ray Durham; Will Cubs Fans Start To Worry?

Tony BishopCorrespondent IJuly 20, 2008

The Milwaukee Brewers reportedly traded for San Francisco second baseman, Ray Durham.

Durham is a scary piece of the puzzle in a Brewers uniform.  His numbers are down a bit this year as he's been fighting pesky injuries virtually all season, but he still led the Giants in batting average and now he's moving to a much stronger offensive team.

This won't be a long term deal with Durham.  He'll be gone next season, but will the damage be done?

The Brewers have made yet another statement that they are sick of being second class in the NL Central and they want to win.

Although he's a great addition on paper, bringing veteran leadership and a solid bat to the Brewers young and inconsistent line-up, I'm not sure his injuries will allow him to drastically change their long-term fortunes.

With the recent struggles of the Chicago Cubs offense, a lot of fans are going to start worrying here in the next month.  Luckily the two match up shortly and the answers will be on the field, and not just in the blogs.

My prediction?  Wild Card guarantee.  I don't think they can pass the Chicago Cubs with this addition, but I do think they'll definitely beat out the Cardinals for second place in the Central (which I think we all can agree will be good enough for the Wild Card).

So, perhaps it will come down to a mid-October meeting in the NLCS, but either way, the Brewers might just be making their first playoff appearance in 24 years.