Is JaMarcus Russell the QB of the future in Oakland?

Eian BellAnalyst IJuly 20, 2008

Is JaMarcus Russell the future franchise QB here in Oakland? I hope so.

Through my years as a fan we have had problems at the qb position time and time again, and other than Gannon we have not had an answer.

When I became a fan we had Jay Schroeder, and I remember as a kid out throwing the pigskin with my friends. They would invariabally pretend to be Joe Montana or John Elway, but i was always Jay Schroeder. He wasn't a great QB but I was a Raiders fan, and he was the Raiders qb, that was all that mattered to me.

Over the years since then we have had plenty of QB's mostly washed up and I dont even remember them all.

I remember Jeff Hostetler, Jeff George and Kerry Collins.

Of course I remember Rich Gannon, because hes the one that gave us a reason to cheer other than the fact that were Raiders fans and we cheer win or lose.

But in my years as a fan we have not had a Montana, Manning, or Brady. We havent had an Elway or an Aikman. We have had some good players elsewhere on the field such as Howie Long, Marcus Allen, Bo Jackson, but where is our franchise QB?

I am hoping that if JaMarcus lives up to the hype of being last year's first-rounder, we do whatever is necessary to keep him in a silver and black uniform and not lose him to a division rival.

I am hoping that in about six or seven years when my son is out there playing catch with me or his friends he is pretending to be JaMarcus Russell, not just because he is a Raider, but because he has delivered us once again to the promised land.