Michelle Wie: "No Claus" & LPGA's Sue Witters: "No Class"

Medicine_Gone_BadAnalyst IJuly 20, 2008

It's not bad enough to deny one of LPGA's budding stars a chance at winning a tournament with outdated and snotty bureaucracy, but now they have to try to humiliate Michelle Wie afterwards?

Michelle Wie was disqualified from the LPGA State Farm Classic after finishing Friday and Saturday in second place. Her crime? She failed to sign her scorecard before leaving the scoring area. Why wasn't Michelle Wie arrested?

The worst part of the incident with Michelle Wie was how Sue Witters, the LPGA’s director of tournament competitions, responded to her crisis. “She was like a little kid after you tell them there’s no Santa Claus,” Witters said.

No Santa Claus? Well, we all know who the Grinch is, don't we?

Michelle Wie has been surrounded by greedy, short-sighted, and selfish individuals managing her career. As a teen she has been continuously groomed and placed to compete with men in PGA tournaments.

Michelle is a young woman that is maturing physically and mentally to handle the daily grinds of professional golf. She should be allowed to develop her game within the LPGA tournaments because she's only 18 years old!

Imagine a Philly horse winning her Maiden race at Belmont and then being continually entered to run against Grade 1 male horses; the trainer would be fired by the owner instantly. That's a certain recipe for destroying a young horse or golfer, depending on your sport.

I hope Michelle Wie learns to laugh at this in the very near future and moves on with her bright future.

Unfortunately Michelle, I can't defend you next time when you break another serious LPGA rule and the headlines read:

"Sue Witters goes after the Easter Bunny!"