No Beltre in Minnesota

AlexAnalyst IJuly 19, 2008

Adrian Beltre's name has come up very often over the past week in regard to how the Twins could or should upgrade their lineup. But now it looks like the Seattle Mariners want a boat-load for Beltre and that isn't going to happen -- at least not with Minnesota.

La Velle of the Star Tribune reported that indications are that the Mariners would want one of the team's young starting pitchers (Blackburn, Slowey, Perkins, etc.) along with a few prospects (the type the A's received in the Blanton trade; the Phillies number two and four prospects). Beltre might be a good addition, but not for that much of the team's future. Especially when you don't know what you're going to get from him and his contract is quite high.

We'll see what the Twins do, but with each day it looks more and more like the Twins will stand pat. La Velle also mentioned that Atkins looks untouchable in Colorado, and if the Twins do make a move it'll likely be for some sort of bullpen help.

We'll see...