Scotland in Fury as Mars Shows Its Support for England...Again

Daniel GoochAnalyst IMay 17, 2010

The Tartan Army have blasted the bosses at Mars for changing their wrapper to support England at this year's World Cup...again.

The chocolate bars have been decorated with the St George's Cross and the Three Lions badge.

They pulled a similar "stunt" four years ago during the 2006 World Cup. Last time they renamed the bar "Believe," also to show their support for the England team.

Ofcourse, being an Englishman, I love the wrapping. It is gearing up the millions of people in England (and one or two in Scotland), and getting the ready support England in their goal to achieve the highest accolade in football.

If Scotland got through to the finals, I'm sure Mars would have brought out a Scotland flag on their bars as well. Unfortunately for the Scots they didnt make it...again.

Scotland brought out a shirt saying A.B.E—Anyone But England. This is England's comeback.

Why can't Mars show their support? The newspapers have the England flag all over their front page, and other companies are doing promotions for England and the World Cup.

All I can say to the people of Scotland is...

Tough luck.

Good luck next time.