Kid's Column: What Can I Say... Hmmm...

Marivi Howell-ArzaCorrespondent IMay 16, 2010

Well, yesterday was a boring day at Toyota Park.

Philadelphia came prepared to fight, with what they call "The Twin Towers" in their defense (which had an incredible resemblance to a brick wall...).They won, 1-0.

The game started with an early goal by Philadelphia. The rest of the first half the ball was pretty much just passed back and forth. Back and forth. And back and forth again.

By the second half, the Red Stars were getting frustrated. So they took Natalie Spilger (who just happens to be a defender) out, and put Ella Masar (who just happens to be a forward) in, to up the offense. We tried harder, but it still didn't work. Another loss for the Red Stars.

After the game at the press conference, someone asked coach Emma Hayes if she was frustrated. Her response was: "What do you reckon? Yeah, I'm pissed off." And in my opinion, with good reason. She said that she had lots of talent on the team, she just had to figure out a better way to put the right talent together as starters. Which proves a quote I got from Karen Carney earlier in the season, "We're not a bad team."

Hopefully, it won't be boring in 2 weeks at their next game.