WWE/TNA: Rumors and Facts

Poppa Big NickCorrespondent IIIMay 16, 2010

A few rumors/facts have been circulating around the wrestling world and Internet and a figured I would share them with you guys.

1. Sarita and Taylor Wilde are WWE bound as they have chosen not to renew their contracts with TNA.

They have expressed their dislike of the Knockout division and have expressed their newly found desire to join the divas in WWE.

This adds a huge boost to a faltered with injuries divas division. Sarita and Taylor Wilde will surely add some athleticism, and maybe WWE will even make a pair of tag team championships for the diva division.

2. Past WWE diva who said she was going to retire and then went to TNA and now wants to come back to WWE.Tara (or Victoria) has said outright that she is not going to renew her TNA contract.

She too did not like the Knockout division and said that she was also unfairly paid. She was always one of the most athletic WWE divas and with her returning to WWE surely by June, as her contract with TNA ends at the end of the month.

She will add yet another key component to rebuild the diva division.

3. The Undertaker is going to come back from his yearly hiatus from wrestling reportedly around Summerslam to have a potentially very good feud against Jack Swagger, who around Summerslam is still going to be World Heavyweight Champion (because no one expects The Big Show to beat Swagger, right?).

A rumor is also that he will be returning with the biker gimmick (hopefully Big Evil), this is a stretch though it would be great to see one last time especially since Taker is towards the end of his historic career.

This would work because having Swagger be champion till Summerslam would do wonders towards his main-event push and to be beaten by the Undertaker, but give a stellar performance would also give him a bazooka push.

The feud could be fun to watch especially if it is the biker gimmick because then you could have a good couple of promos from Taker.

Having Taker do the biker gimmick would help him in long run retirement wise, he would be able to go to Hall of Fame ceremonies as well as his own would be more believable. When Taker really does call it quits, don't we all want a farewell speech.

Taker could also go out on-screen (while in real life) with Michelle McCool like he did with separated wife Sara. I hope this is all true, it would be fun to watch.

4. Gregory "The Hurricane" Helms is going to sign with TNA after his 30-Day no compete clause with WWE is up.

This really dosen't help TNA, in fact I think it hurts them as they already have too many wrestlers under contract for one show. They should really consider making another show opposite impact or start releasing unused talent.

This to me is also another reason WWE is better then TNA as WWE makes their superstars where TNA buys WWE unwanted, washed-up talent.

5. Daniel Bry..........I mean Bryan Danielson is rumored to defeat The Miz for WWE United States Championship in place of Bret "The Hitman" Hart tomorrow on RAW (because no one expects Bret Hart to actually compete).

This is a huge push for not only Bryan, but for WWE as they have a great in-ring competitor as their US Champion.

It has been a long time coming, and it makes sense that he was booted off NXT that way the guy who I thought should win it all along, Wade Barrett, can win without the IWC complaining that Bryan wasnn't utilized to the best of his abilities. Expect him to make Miz tap tomorrow.

6. It is rumored that the masked man who continually keeps attacking Rey Mysterio is Joey Mercury, good to have him back, happy he's off the painkillers.

Just wanted to share what I heard and my thoughts, talk to you later.