The Holy Grail: Undertaker Needs To Be the Phenom Again

Lionheart NicoloContributor IMay 16, 2010

He is the entity that unleashes fear and fury to the Sports Entertainment world.

Armored by his mystical underworld powers, this monster always spells trepidation in the eyes of his adversaries. Possessing an unblemished WrestleMania record, this superstar seemed to be insurmountable by any force existing.

He is The Undertaker, and night in and night out, he demonstrates the qualities of a Phenom.

His ring entrance always leaves us with our jaws dropped. Chills of fright and awe are experienced each time he walks the ramp. His eyes tell us a story of wrath and ferocity ready to be set free upon thousands of enemies. It seemed that all this will last forever.

Or so we thought.

Today, the entity known as The Undertaker no longer beholds the characteristics of a monster. If you will, he is just our regular wrestler now. He has lost all the splendor of being the WWE's Phenom.

It looks to me as if Taker's persona has come and gone with his aging body. His saggy chest no longer tells us that he is indeed a force to be reckoned with. What it describes is a wrestler's body that can't perform for a vast period of time. This is so evident with The Undertaker's short matches with long breaks.

What he needs most now is to regenerate the character he has lost—he needs to be the WWE's Phenom again. Even if it is for the final time in his two-decade career.

We are all fully aware that he is still resting form the effects of his epic Streak versus Career match at 'Mania. He might return some months from now. This is a chance for the creative staff to give Taker his long needed breakthrough.

Capitalize on this, give him a spectacular comeback, an awesome feud, and The Undertaker we once all feared might just come back.

I'm really hoping that this will happen before Undertaker ultimately retires. It's essential for saving his career and even for giving him a grand exit from the business. Please, WWE. I'm imploring this to you as a writer and as a solid wrestling fan. Make this happen.

Make Undertaker your Phenom again.



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