England World Cup Bid In Chaos After Accusations of Spanish and Russian Bribery

Daniel GoochAnalyst IMay 16, 2010

England's hopes to host the 2018 World Cup are in chaos, after the FA chairman accused Spain and Russia of planning to bribe referees in this summer’s World Cup.

Lord Triesman was given the job of trying to rebuild the FA’s scandal-hit reputation, but has made his own scadal in the process.

England have pushed hard to host the tournament in eight years. The whole country is behind the bid, which may now be in taters.

He has accused rival nations of corruption, by suggesting that Spain may withdraw its bid to stage the 2018 World Cup if Russia, who also want to host the tournament, helps them to bribe referees in this year's World Cup in South Africa.

These revelations come just two days after Lord T and David Beckham presented the 1,752 page 'bid book' for England's campaign to the president of FIFA.

The FA tried to prevent this story coming out with a High Court injunction, but they were unsuccessful.