Would It Be a Smart Decision for WWE to Make John Cena Say "I Quit"?

The Animalistic-Viper LP23Correspondent IMay 15, 2010

It seems as if the Batista vs. John Cena feud is coming to an end. This is a feud we all wanted to see after they both won the WWE/World Heavyweight Championships on the same night at WrestleMania 21.

They are truly the two biggest stars since the Attitude Era. This feud began late in January, right after the 2010 Edition of the Royal Rumble.

Batista and John Cena have had four matches together and all of they're matches have been pretty impressive, some may not agree but you have to give them credit, they put on good matches together.

At first it seemed as if John Cena had no chance to even beat Batista one on one because week after week Batista would put him on his back and stand over his shoulders.

Batista had won their first encounter which was at Summerslam 2008 and Batista also threw out John Cena to win the 2005 Royal Rumble.

Then Batista defeated John Cena at the Elimination Chamber PPV to become New WWE Champion in less than 30 seconds to become New WWE Champion pretty unpredictable if you ask me, it seemed as if Batista cashed in a Money in the Bank contract but instead a deal with Mr. McMahon.

After that Batista and John Cena would build their match heading into WrestleMania. They had classic promo's and nobody expected Batista to say the things he said. Batista pretty much owned Cena on both Promo's they had, you got to agree.

John Cena ended up defeated Batista at WrestleMania XXVI to become a nine-time World Champion, yes nine times, I know it's crazy. He defeated Batista with the STFU Submission Manuever, and the thing that's weird is Batista's never tapped out before, but all of sudden he does against John Cena.

It seems to predictable, it seems as if WWE won't ever let their "Golden-Boy", "Superman", "Face of the Company" lose at WrestleMania. I really though Batista was going to be the winner at WrestleMania for several reasons, to makes things interesting and unpredictable.

If Batista would've won at WrestleMania, WWE Ratings would be Sky-Rocketing Up. But they could've had Batista lose by two Attitude Adjustments rather than an STFU, how does it sound for an Animal to tap out and give up. And then it was rumors of Batista saying he'll leave WWE at Extreme Rules, so everyones thinking it's going to be his last match in the WWE. Reason Why Batista was going to leave WWE  is because he lost his Movie Role in "Killing Karma" that WWE booked/promised him but instead WWE gave it to Triple H instead. It was said that Batista wanted to pursue an acting career life after wrestling and Batista was really mad about what WWE did. They have a second match at WWE Extreme Rules for the WWE Championship in a Last Man Standing Match, it was the most extreme match the whole night. Bodies going threw tables, wall barries, just brutual, overall a good match. But the ending, the Infamous "Duct-Tape". Really they have Batista lose in a Last Man Standing Match with Duct-Tape, how does that sound, I know the entire Wrestling World had to be mad and furious. But this proves that John Cena can't defeat Batista, it makes him look like a coward to use Duct-Tape, like it's an easy way out for Cena.

Next Night on RAW Batista wins a Number Contender's Match for the WWE Championship. So it's Batista vs. John Cena III at WWE Over The Limit. They had a Beat The Clock Sprint Concept that whoever gets the Fastest Time gets to chose the stipulation at Over The Limit. John Cena won of course, he chose an "I Quit" Match, so this match you can't take an easy way out, you can't tap out, you can't stay on the ground for ten-seconds instead you must say two-words no man should ever want to say "I Quit". Batista and John Cena must really take it Over The Limit. This will be the Last Batista vs. John Cena Match for WWE Championship. What do the fans want, Batista as WWE Champion or John Cena as WWE Champion. Wrestling Sources say that WWE Over The Limit, will in fact be Batista's Last Match, it sorta does make sense to have him say "I Quit". But how does it look, having Batista tap out, then lose to Duct-Tape, then saying "I Quit" and have him lose three times in a row, it just doesn't seem realistic and too predictable. Batista might be 41 but is still in great shape and can put on some good matches.

Also even Anti-Batista Fans have realized that he's gotten more interesting and more watchable because of his New Heel Character, the I Demand Respect, Spotlight Guy. People don't want Batista to leave now because he's has gotten to interesting since the promo's he did with Cena building they're WrestleMania match a few months ago. People want to see more promo's by the Animal Batista now, some may criticize his Wrestling Ability, but he is more entertaining now. And besides WWE needs a good promo superstar, to just embarrass they're opponents, somebody named The Rock use to do that.

Now let me get to the real reason why I wrote this article, You see the Headline, "Would It Be a Smart Decision For WWE To Make John Cena To Say "I Quit", Why because John Cena said that if he loses this match he will not revolk a rematch clause if Batista is WWE Champion but if Batista loses he won't face John Cena for the WWE Championship. What would be the smarter decision, have Cena stay WWE Champion and fued with the same people or have Batista become New WWE Champion. Look we've seen these fueds quite alot John Cena vs. Edge, John Cena vs. Randy Orton, John Cena vs. Triple H and John Cena vs. Chris Jericho. Do we really want to see that all again, No I don't think so because we all know John Cena would win.

Now if Batista was WWE Champion, he could resign his contract with the WWE. Now Batista has had a fued with Randy Orton but they only had two official matches which was at Armagendon 2008 and Extreme Rules 2009. Batista won both encounters between him and Orton but Orton put out Batista also. Batista had a fued with Triple H, but they haven't faced each other since 2005 and Batista defeated Triple H three times in a row. A Batista/Triple H Fued II would be interesting because Batista could say "Triple H you've never defeated me". Batista vs. Edge has been done alot also, and Batista has defeated Edge, but Batista has never defeated Edge in a World Championship Match and they haven't faced each other since Night of Champions 2008. Batista has faced Chris Jericho but they only had two matches, and Jericho won one and Batista won one, they haven't faced since 2008. Batista vs. Sheamus would be something new maybe it could be similar like Batista/HHH. Batista vs. John Morrison is something new, it could push John Morrison to the main event scene.

So if John Cena retains that means we're going to see the same matches and fueds over and over again, but if Batista wins we get some new fresh rivalries. And also if John Cena loses he might change his gimmick, not necessarily turning heel but it could build into a heel turn in the future. John Cena's attitude is going to be so low he would probably not return until he finds a new gimmick, because Cena's Gimmick is he never quits, if you want some come get some, but if he was to quit all of that would mean nothing. John Cena could have a fued with Sheamus just to get him out of the WWE Title Picture. And also like like I said before WWE's Ratings would be very high and it would be interesting to see John Cena say "I Quit", and everybody thinks he's going to win no doubt because Batista is supposed to leave the WWE. WWE should make the smart decision to be unpredictable and do something new and not let Batista goe. Batista's Heel Character is at stack.

Well we'll find out at WWE Over The Limit

"I Quit" Match for WWE Championship
Who'll Quit Batista or John Cena
May 23rd is when we'll find out

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