The Delusional Monday Night Wars

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIMay 15, 2010

Sun Tzu once said that all war is deception. Many World Wrestling Entertainment and Total Nonstop Wrestling fans both marks and veterans of wrestling got deceived by this second coming of the Monday Night Wars! This was not a war and no matter how Total Nonstop Wrestling tries to spin it was never a war.


Let’s face the facts shall we!


World Wrestling Entertainment has been around for forty-eight years and was founded in 1952. That is forty-eight years of storylines, feuds and wrestling personalities. Any of that can be recycled into today’s product. They made mistakes in the past but ultimately learn from them.


Total Nonstop Wrestling has only been around for eight years and the company greatly lacks the experience that World Wrestling Entertainment has. Total Nonstop Wrestling was founded by Two experience wrestlers but they still fumble at times with how the run the company and how their creative team works.


In the Monday Nights Wars in the mid-90’s World Wrestling Entertainment was facing World Championship Wrestling in an epic war. The victor would always be determined Nielsen ratings in case you did not know.


 In the early days of the war both side traded blows back and forth.


Some of you may remember "WCW: Where the Big Boys Play!" where you had WWE stars like Steve Austin, Triple H and The Undertaker losing matches. Eric Bischoff would give away Monday Night Raw match results as a way to hurt World Wrestling Entertainment. Then there is the infamous incident involving Madusa throwing the WWE womans chapionship belt in the trash.


World Wrestling Entertainment had their own cutthroat tactics to employed ageinst World Championship Wrestling. They made several sketches that put many on-air World Championship Wrestling figures in a negative light and those focusing on Ted Turner were very hostile.


World Championship Wrestling dominated for eighty-four weeks and the rest they say is history.


New World Order was a force to be reckon with. Stone Cold Steve Austin was kicking Vince McMahon’s ass. Vince Screwed Bret. The Attitude Era came and Foley put many fans asses in World Wrestling Entertainment arenas seats. The Fingerpoke of Doom and the buying of World Championship Wrestling.


Fast-forward to 2010 and Total Nonstop Wrestling moving to Monday nights to have the second coming of the Monday night wars. When I heard about the second Monday night war I was laughing at the thought of it as I knew Total Nonstop Wrestling would fail.


Total Nonstop Wrestling is not at the same level as World Wrestling entertainment and TNA fans should know that but some have the mindset that Total Nonstop Wrestling is the superior wrestling company when it not. It will be decades before Total Nonstop Wrestling can be at World Wrestling Entertainment level and compete for ratings like World Championship Wrestling.


Yes, World Wrestling Entertainment at the moment is stale and keeps repeating many main event feuds. The guest host gimmick has made raw a sad imitation of Saturday Night Live.  World Wrestling Entertainment may be having some issues but there storylines make sense and have been promoting young up and coming wrestlers on the Smackdown brand.


Total Nonstop Wrestling was a mess during their time on Monday nights. Their women division has diminished greatly and there X division is ignored. They had the Nasty boys and other old timers brought into the business. They did not promote their young wrestlers but focus on the ones who seemed to be trying to relive their glory days. These and many other mistakes made their ratings go down and showed that they are NOT a danger and not competition to World Wrestling Entertainment!


The two biggest mistake Total Nonstop Wrestling have made during their short time on Monday nights is having Hogan and Bischoff run Total Nonstop Wrestling and having reruns on Thursday night.


Hogan and Bischoff have egos that cannot be control and their idea of throwing things on the wall to see what sticks did not make great storylines. Both men had insert them self in almost every storyline and that rarely made for great TV. Hogan bringing Bubba the Love Sponge into the mix was just plain stupid as we all learned.


Having reruns on Thursday nights gave wrestling fans an excuse to watch RAW instead of Impact. Why watch Impact when you can catch it again on Thursdays instead. It was very stupid to have reruns on Thursday.


Even with their mess of storylines and questionable business decisions there has been some success in the form of Desmond Wolfe, The Pope and Ken Anderson. Those three could become the future of Total Nonstop Wrestling if the creative team does things correctly.


Most of you would say: “If Total Nonstop Wrestling was not a threat to World Wrestling Entertainment then why did World Wrestling Entertainment then move all their big stars to RAW?” The answer is simple World Wrestling Entertainment moved all the main eventers on RAW in order to give the young and upcoming wrestlers a chance to shine on Smackdown.


As a matter of fact Sun Tzu also once said: “For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.” World Wrestling Entertainment did not for one second try to compete against Total Nonstop Wrestling, as they knew they are not a threat to them at all. They continue create storylines and feuds like it an average day in World Wrestling Entertainment Headquarters.  By doing that World Wrestling Entertainment did indeed beat Total Nonstop Wrestling by not playing into the delusional second coming of the Monday Night Wars.

So there was no war or was there even a measly battle over the ratings as World Wrestling Entertainment soundly whipped Total Nonstop Wrestling without even paying attention to the promotion. It’s sad to think many fans are deluded into thinking that the Monday Night Wars are back are only trying to recapture the original wars back in the 90’s.  Let’s all hope Total Nonstop Wrestling have learn the lessons from their stay on the Monday Night timeslot!