Michigan Football: Impact on NFL

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Michigan Football: Impact on NFL
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When thinking of the greatest current NFL football players, many come to mind, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson, and so on. Throughout history, Michigan has been a powerhouse in great NFL football players. Regarded one of the most clutch performers, with 3 Super Bowl Rings, Tom Brady.

While Tom Brady is a Michigan Man, one example of their great success is not enough...

Case #2: Charles Woodson. Regarded highly in college and eventually winning the Heisman Trophy, Charles Woodson came on the the NFL scene strong in 1998. He was always a great player, and twelve years later, he has improved...

Last year Woodson had the most ints, tackles, forced fumbles, touchdowns, and he was also the Defensive MVP ***YAWN***

Case #3: The newest player to find great success is Jake Long, after superb Junior and Senior years for Michigan, Long found himself to be the number 1 Draft Pick in 2008. This 6'7 foot Goliath quickly became a Pro Bowler and was selected a starting OT in the Pro Bowl. He is currently playing with his fellow QB at Michigan, Chad Henne, and has one of the brightest futures. 

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Case 4-6 with come next week and Case 7-10 the following week

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