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I flipped off the television last night when the score was 3 - zip Bruins.  Not giving up, not was my way of making sure Flyers won.  Sounds stupid?  It worked in 2008 for the Phillies and the weird Eagles game in 2009 when they accidentally made the playoffs.  When I leave a game early (2008 Phillies vs Mets series), walk away from the TV or turn off a radio we will win the game.  The "Sports Gods" are watching me and I manage to help my team win in clutch situations by not "actively" paying attention - just flipping channels, listening to Jeff screaming from another room while playing on facebook or reading everyone else's sports updates.

It worked again last night, and as predicted, we have a date with destiny and the Habs (Montreal).  I watched the first period and the time out call was brilliant on the part of Peter Laviolette and history was made - we are only the 4th sports team to come back from a 3 game deficit to win a series.  The Flyers became the third team in Stanley Cup playoff history — the Toronto Maple Leafs (1942) and the Islanders (1975) were the others — to win a series after losing the first three games.The 2004 Boston (boo) Red Sox Nation did it in baseball. 

The Flyers have stamina and a well rounded team this playoff season and the Habs will have more than just Crosby to shut down. They have a great goalie whose knee caps I want broken sometime in the 1st period (not necessarily that big an injury just one that eliminates him from the series).  Do not underestimate a game between an 8 and 7 seed.  After a disastrous NCAA Tournament (I finished in the money, BTW) the 7/8 combo proved to be the ruination of many a bracket. 

I am not taking this series lightly.  I want the damn Stanley Cup...hungry for more and all that good stuff.  So tomorrow at JJ Elephant Sports Café (shameless promotion) I will have my face painted with the Flyers logo, serve up orange hot and iced chocolate, wear my black and orange Flyers gear and my orange crocs then come home and sort of watch game one.  There is always Family Guy if the Sports Gods get testy with me and Celebrity Apprentice if it is really a bad night. I would watch the Phillies but do not want to jinx them either. I am banking on a comfortable lead and watching the 3rd period and the game 1 win.  It is time to sing an upbeat version of We Are the Champions...The tune is already playing on my computer.  Hear that Lord Stanley?

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