Chris Jericho Revisits His Past with a Great Performance on Raw

Josh TollesonCorrespondent IJuly 19, 2008

This past Monday on Raw, most people were left wondering, "What the heck was Vince thinking?" following the Cena/JBL murder angle. But for us Jerichoholics who've followed Chris Jericho for numerous years, it was quite a pleasant surprise.

Jericho fought Paul London, a tremendous worker who, like many, is overlooked due to his lack of size. Both men put on a respectable match. Not five stars by any stretch, but it served its purpose: to progress the Jericho/Michaels program into the Bash.

The match itself was good, but the ending and post-match promo by Jericho sent chills down my spine. Seeing Jericho apply the "real" Walls of Jericho (also known as the "Liontamer" from his pre-WWE years) excited the heck out of me.

Kudos to London for being able to handle the maneuver, in which Jericho fell to one knee, thus creating the appearance that it was much more painful than his normal Walls, which is a bona fide Boston Crab.

Jericho's post-match promo on London was fantastic as well. It showed a side of Jericho we're unaccustomed to—a darker, more intense side that further displays his unbelievable talent.

I haven't been a big fan of WWE's product recently, and as someone who's been a fan for 20 years, it was refreshing to see something straight from the "glory" years of pro wrestling.