Is King James headed out of Cleavland?

SportsChLeagueContributor IMay 15, 2010

I don’t know about you but, most of all my favorite sports stars stayed in one place their entire career or at least thru their prime years. The fact that Michael Jordan was a Wizard or Joe Montana a Chief is put out of our minds because when they joined these teams they were shadows of their former selves. Does anyone think that Derrick Jeter won’t retire in pinstripes or Peyton Manning will ever have anything other than a horseshoe on his helmet? There are a number of Hall of Fame caliber players that have switched teams in their most productive years Alex Rodriguez, Drew Brees, and Shaquille Oneal come to mind.  However, the players that I feel have a special place in most of our hearts are the ones that are loyal to a particular city. Larry Bird would have seemed well outta place in a Houston Rockets Jersey.

I must say I am a little torn on the Lebron situation. Although I don’t think he owes it to the Cleavland fans, I do think it is in his best interest to stay in Cleavland. It is better for his overall legacy. The Cavaliers have to do better than Antwan Jamison and an over the hill Shaq to help Lebron. Lebron needs his Pippen. Unless they land Dwayne Wade in free agency or bring in Phil Jackson  if he parts ways with the Lakers, Lebron is probably as good as gone. With that being said, my one knock against Lebron is he lacks the killer instinct that players like Kobe and MJ have. If you are “the man” on your team – your teammates need to be assured that if the ball is in your hands in the 4th quarter you will take over the game more times than not. (Especially in the playoffs)

I am almost more anxious for the NBA postseason than the NBA finals. My hope is that Wade comes to Cleavland, if that happens it is a title for sure next year and who knows how many more after that. Flash and the king could join forces in another locale like NY or NJ, but it would be a much better if Lebron doesn’t have to turn his back on the city he resurrected out of the ashes of mediocrity. If the Cavs loose Lebron all of Cleavland’s pro teams will be return to average at best.  If the Cavaliers do not come thru with an “A” player or coach, I will not hold any ill will toward Lebron for jumping ship. I do not think he is all about money – I think he is all about winning. So he wants to go to where he has the best chances of doing that. I do believe that unless he teams up with another “A” player or coach – no matter where he goes – if he really wants to win – he better take some killer instinct with him.

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