LeBron James is the New Brett Favre

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LeBron James is the New Brett Favre
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No, LeBron is not leaving Cleveland to play quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings.

But LeBron James is going to do something that Brett Favre did for a while. He is going to dominate headlines and be on the first five minutes of SportsCenter every day. We are going to hear his name over and over and over again without any developments whatsoever. 

So until July 1, the day when LeBron will opt out of his contract, the speculation will be relentless. LeBron this, LeBron that. It won't stop. It will be just like last summer with Brett Favre. I thought I was going to kill myself if I heard one more thing about Favre. It was ludicrous. Nobody on Earth wants to hear that many rumors and that much speculation about one person.

Now I love Brett Favre, and I love LeBron James. The two are phenomenal athletes. I could watch highlights of them all day. Both have done some pretty spectacular things in their careers. However, everything seems to be a "development" for ESPN.

BREAKING NEWS : LeBron James was spotted eating New York-style pizza, may be indication that he has chosen to sign with the Knicks.

Now was that an exaggeration? Maybe a bit, but some of the things you see on ESPN can't really be considered real news.

Today was very annoying for me. I enjoy SportsCenter, but I watch it to stay updated on scores. I also like to see the quick two to three minute highlights from the previous night's baseball games. Today was dominated by LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. I'm no math expert but I would break down SC like this today:

85 percent LeBron and where he will play next year

10 percent Mike Brown and whether or not he will return to Cleveland

5 percent Other

Now what bugs me is this: No matter how many experts say LBJ will stay in Cleveland and no matter how many experts say LBJ won't stay in Cleveland, it doesn't matter. Nothing they say will do anything. If they did a quick, two-minute debate on where they think LeBron will play (like on Pardon the Interruption), I wouldn't care. But devoting hours of time to speculation is just ridiculous.

I can't wait to see where LeBron signs. It will be a huge moment for the NBA. However, until then can ESPN please relax just a bit with this LeBron coverage? Probably not. I guess I will just need to suck it up and learn to deal with it like I did last year with Brett Favre.

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