Super Bowl or Bust: Analyzing Green Bay's 2010 Non-Divisional Games

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Super Bowl or Bust: Analyzing Green Bay's 2010 Non-Divisional Games

It's no secret to anyone that follows the NFL that the main goal of any team is to reach the Super Bowl. At the beginning of the season, some teams tend to place all their eggs in one basket, and live in hope of one day raising the Lombardi Trophy high above their head in victory, as the world stops and admires it's champion.

However, for some teams this dream is more of a reality, and while we eagerly await the 2010 season, one team pops into everyone's mind when considering possible Super Bowl candidates.

That's right, it's the Green Bay Packers. Looking at Green Bay on paper, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that the talent is certainly there.

However, perhaps there is one factor that has doomed Green Bay's chances right from the very beginning. I'm talking about the 2010 schedule, and unfortunately some of the games may limit Green Bay's chances this season.

Tough opponents appear in all area's of Green Bay's schedule, and a trend begins to form when looking at Green Bay's non-divisional games.

So who should Green Bay fear this season? Well, realistically nobody. But it is arguable that there are a few teams who could rattle the Green Bay Packers, and maybe derail any aspirations of a Super Bowl season.

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