The Aftermath and the Beginning of Chaos

Frankie AnetzbergerContributor IIMay 14, 2010

 ESPN will never encounter a dull moment for at least of month and a half now after the Cavaliers took an early exit again in this year's playoffs. The summer of Lebron has officially begun and is already taking over TV screens across the country. Speculation of where Lebron will go next season has turned ESPN into TMZ. If there is a list of teams that he is considering, ESPN has narrowed it down to Cleveland, Chicago, New York, and New Jersey. What baffles me is the pure analysis of the entire situation when I believe not even Lebron has took the time to think about it. I truly believe that Lebron has kept his options open and is going to take this next month and a half to deeply think about it. Being a high caliber player as Lebron is, I honestly believe he didn't start thinking about this situation until Today. You can't enter a season with free agency on your mind. Like he said last night in the post game press conference, "Well, I didn't play this season wondering about what I was going to do in the off season."

What exactly went wrong though? Why did the league's best record seem to be meaningless? Why did, for a second consecutive year, an MVP come up short in the playoffs? This year's Cavaliers team seemed to be much better than last year's team and yet they didn't even make it as far as they did last season. The most ironic part of this who debacle is the Cavaliers brought in Shaq to compete with Dwight Howard, yet they didn't even make if far enough in the playoffs to have that paid off. As horrific as Lebron's game five performance appeared to be, can you really blame the series on him? He appeared to have given up and did look quite lost at the end of this series, but without him the Cleveland Cavaliers wouldn't have even made it that far. Remember, he was the MVP! It was, collectively, the entire team's responsibility. To put it simply, the dancing, 61-21, "goosey" throwing Cavaliers were absent in this past series. That includes everybody on the bench. They stopped having fun and stopped playing Cavaliers basketball. They stopped rebounding and stopped driving. They relied too heavily on the deep ball and had no answer for Rajon Rondo. And when it wasn't the big three plus one, it was Rasheed Wallace and Glen Davis. They just weren't ready and it was a collective failure on the part of the entire Cavaliers team.

I'm not going to speculate or give you a breakdown of why each team listed above would be a good fit for Lebron. It's purely speculation and there's no team that Lebron is leaning towards right now. All we know for sure is that Lebron's home still remains in Akron, OH and that the next 45 days or so are going to be quite interesting.