John McDonough on the Move: Blackhawks Hire a Cub in Chicago

Jason HackettAnalyst INovember 20, 2007

The Chicago Blackhawks went outside the hockey world—who knew there was such a place?—to hire their new president.

Ironically, though, they didn't have to look too far to find him.

In fact, John McDonough will only have to brave the six-mile drive from Wrigley Field to the United Center to assume his new post.

Before joining the Blackhawks, McDonough resigned as president of the Chicago Cubs amidst uncertainty concerning the team's ownership. McDonough had been with the Cubs for 24 years.

Who says placing ads in the local newspaper can't pay off?

McDonough's move doesn't come entirely as a surprise. The Blackhawks' front office has been in flux since the death of owner William Wirtz. Given the turmoil, it makes sense to bring in a leading man who's already well-known in the Chicago area.

The Cubs have long been a sentimental favorite in the Windy City. The Blackhawks are hoping McDonough can bring his PR savvy to the rink.

McDonough isn't the first hockey executive to make the transition from another sport. His most notable fellow traveler is NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, formerly the right-hand man of NBA commish David Stern.