What's Wrong With Wade?

Zeke FuhrmanAnalyst IIIJuly 19, 2008

At the 2008 All-Star Game in New York, baseball dusted off and polished up the greatest living baseball players in history, putting together the greatest collection of talent on one field at one time. Gathered around third base were some of the all-time greats: Brooks Robinson, George Brett, Mike Schmidt, and Wade Boggs.

Except there was a small problem: Boggs was wearing a Yankee cap.

Wade Boggs, perhaps the greatest hitter in Red Sox history not named Ted Williams, was wearing a Yankees cap.

And why not? The guy won one ring and two gold gloves with the Yankees. Never mind the fact that he was an 8-time All-Star with the Sox. Never mind the fact that he spent 10 years in Boston, twice as long as his tenure in the Bronx. Never mind that he won six Silver Slugger Awards in Boston. Never mind he won five batting titles in Boston. Never mind the fact that he recorded 2,098 of his 3,010 hits with the Red Sox. Boggs even pitched against the Yankees when he was in Boston. .

And not to mention that his cap in Cooperstown has a "B" on it.

So why did the other men wearing Yankee caps get to throw out the first pitch: Berra, Jackson, Gossage, Ford. But why not Boggs?

Because Boggs will not be remembered as a Yankee.

Gary Carter and Dave Winfield each carried two caps. They wore the cap of their Cooperstown plaque, but also carried their Mets and Yankees caps, respectively.

Sorry, Wade. I know you always want to be remembered in pinstripes. But remember? In an episode of Cheers, you had your pants stolen by Sam and the gang. If that doesn't permanently make you a member of the Red Sox for life, I don't know what does.