Enough with the excuses

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Enough with the excuses

Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing met with the media for the first time since word broke that he tested positive for HCG, which turned out to be pathetic.

Simply, enough with the excuses and come clean Cushing.

Cushing stated that he never took HCG and that he doesn’t know why his levels were above normal, but that they haven’t been since.

That is where things got pathetic as Cushing went onto state he feared he had a tumor, which was inadvertently dispelled by fellow linebacker Demarco Ryans who stated that he never heard of anything about a tumor.

Also, it has been reported that friends close to Cushing have never been told of a tumor either.

We possibly looking at the modern day Pete Rose if he never gets caught again, which he most likely will as he is human and humans do make mistakes.

In the end, things are only going to get worst for Cushing if he doesn’t come clean.

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