Kevin Mitchell-Michael Katsidis: Who Will Be The Winner In West Ham

Tyler CurtisAnalyst IMay 13, 2010

This weekend Kevin Mitchell and Michael Katsidis will duke it out for the interim WBO lightweight title.

Outside of the terrible fight poster, everything about this fight is promising. It should be a interesting fight and could turn into a war.

Katsidis has already held the interim WBO title.For Mitchell this will be his first chance to fight for any sort of world title.

This is by far the biggest fight of Mitchell's career.

Mitchell comes in with a perfect record of 31-0 with 23 knockouts. Katsidis meanwhile sports a 26-2 record with 21 knockouts.

The records tell a big story in this fight. Mitchell has the perfect record but has fought no world class opponents.

His best win is Breidis Prescott and he is far from world class. Katsidis on the other hand has fought the far better competition.

He has got into the ring with Graham Earl, Joel Casamayor, Juan Diaz Jesus Chavez and Vincente Escobedo. He has gone 3-2 in those fights with two knockouts.

Katsidis fought Casamayor who is a top 10 lightweight of his generation. Casamayor knocked him out but Katsidis was ahead on the cards before he was stopped and even put Casamayor down.

Chavez was a little bit past it but he is a solid name. Escobedo is a very underrated lightweight in my opinion.

On the other hand Prescott is overrated, especially in the England where Mitchell is based. That brings me to my next point of Mitchell being a slight favorite in this fight.

Mitchell is the better boxer of the two but Katsidis showed he is an improved boxer against Escobedo. It was the first time in his career he showed he can outbox a better boxers.

Mitchell has that high knockout rate but who has he really knocked out? I'll tell you no one. Katsidis on the other hand has showed he can knockout, or at the very least hurt top level boxers.

This is a massive step up for Mitchell and I believe his handlers think that Katsidis is on the way down. Katsidis is getting a bit older at 29 and has been in a lot of wars.

I feel that Katsidis has a lot left and if he decides to pressure it could unravel Mitchell. Mitchell has never been in real trouble and has cruised in his career so far.

If Katsidis doesn't try to pressure he could get routed. He tried to box Juan Diaz so it is possible he could try to box Mitchell.

I believe that Katsidis superior ring experience and his pressure will lead him to victory. This fight is in Mitchell's backyard so it will have to be a clear win for Katsidis.

A late knockout or split decision are the only ways Katsidis is going to take the zero from Kevin Mitchell.

This fight should be a very interesting one and may end up being the best one of the weekend. We will have to wait until Saturday night to find out who will be the winner in West Ham.